Android Stack Architecture

As I done so many Android development project, I thought its better to take a break and talk about Android Development with my experience. So this will be a series of posts about Android Development from OS development to Application development. As the beginning post, I think the best place to start this post series […]

Android Activity Life cycle and Managing State

Today I’m going to talk about android activity lifecycle, the callback events you can implement to perform each tasks in each stage of the lifecycle. And lets see how you can handle activity states throughout activity lifecycle. If you didn’t done this early, then you may already got your app crashed 🙂 . Lets start […]

Android NDK – passing complex data types

Hi all, today I’m going to talk about how to use JNI in android very easily. For the examples, I have used, I am passing data between Java & C. Before we start let me tell you what is JNI, JNI is Java Native Interface to communicate Java and C/ C++ in your java program. […]

Hello World with IntelliJ IDEA

I think you all know that IntelliJ is an intelligent IDE for Java development. So today I will show you how to run a simple hello world program with intelliJ. First you need to install Java JDK and IntelliJ IDE. Check whether you are downloading the latest java JDK & IntelliJ IDE. Then open IntelliJ […]

JSON for c++ (create JSON objects, read write json files)

  Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about an awesome c++ library which I had used often to save data in files much more effectively and efficiency. You can find the JSON library in this github repo. You will basically need json.hpp file for your C++ project to do the bellow described stuff. Before […]

Lets Start Working with FPGA [Part 3]: How JTAG state machine works?

Hello fellows! so far we have talk about basics about the JTAG. So I was thinking about explain how the JTAG state machine works will be more helpful for those who new to FPGA. So, before we talk about the state machine, lets see what is the state machine? So, this is the state machine […]

Lets Start Working with FPGA [Part 2]: How JTAG works?

Ok, Last time we have talk about what is a JTAG. This time we are going to talk about how JTAG works? Control JTAG from PC Simply we can use a “JTAG cable” to control a JTAG bus form a PC, it is just a way to control JTAG signals from PC. Normally, JTAG cables […]

Lets Start Working with FPGA [Part 1]: What is JTAG?

Hello everyone, so today I’m going to talk about JTAG. so, what is a JTAG? Well, JTAG is an IEEE standard (1149.1) developed in the 1980s to solve electronic boards manufacturing issues. But now, it is most often used as programming, debug and probing port. So, this is a figure of industrial PCB(printed circuit boards). […]

Linux Device Drivers | Part 4 | Read Write from a driver

I think you are now familiar with insmod and rmmod. Now let’s try to make a little complex driver. A driver which can write on memory and read from memory. For this we need to insmod the driver, then open the driver and read/write. After the operations are finished we need to close the driver. […]

Linux Device Drivers | Part 3 | Hello World

Let’s build our first simple driver. The HelloWorld driver. This is the code of the HelloWorld driver. This is the .C code for the HelloWorld driver. When you insmod the driver, “Hello World!” will print. and when you rmmod the driver, “Good Bye” will print. Since this is a Linux driver file or Kernel module, […]