Java Basics For Android beginner developers

Most people who are new to programming were asking “I need to develop an Android App, But I don’t know Java. Can you teach me java quickly?”. I think most programmers heard these questions from new programmers. At least I had taught this to new developers multiple times. So, I’m writing this post for all […]

Android Activity Life cycle and Managing State

Today I’m going to talk about android activity lifecycle, the callback events you can implement to perform each tasks in each stage of the lifecycle. And lets see how you can handle activity states throughout activity lifecycle. If you didn’t done this early, then you may already got your app crashed 🙂 . Lets start […]

Android NDK – passing complex data types

Hi all, today I’m going to talk about how to use JNI in android very easily. For the examples, I have used, I am passing data between Java & C. Before we start let me tell you what is JNI, JNI is Java Native Interface to communicate Java and C/ C++ in your java program. […]

Hello World with IntelliJ IDEA

I think you all know that IntelliJ is an intelligent IDE for Java development. So today I will show you how to run a simple hello world program with intelliJ. First you need to install Java JDK and IntelliJ IDE. Check whether you are downloading the latest java JDK & IntelliJ IDE. Then open IntelliJ […]

How to install PyCharm IDE for Ubuntu 14.04+

Pycharm is a Python IDE for professional developers. Also I believe it is a better IDE for new users. As a linux user you may think installing Pycharm is somewhat hard as other softwares. Also if you are new to Linux, then you will probably imagine it is lots of coding. Well, lets start installing […]