Java Basics For Android beginner developers

Most people who are new to programming were asking “I need to develop an Android App, But I don’t know Java. Can you teach me java quickly?”. I think most programmers heard these questions from new programmers. At least I had taught this to new developers multiple times. So, I’m writing this post for all […]

Android NDK – passing complex data types

Hi all, today I’m going to talk about how to use JNI in android very easily. For the examples, I have used, I am passing data between Java & C. Before we start let me tell you what is JNI, JNI is Java Native Interface to communicate Java and C/ C++ in your java program. […]

Hello World with IntelliJ IDEA

I think you all know that IntelliJ is an intelligent IDE for Java development. So today I will show you how to run a simple hello world program with intelliJ. First you need to install Java JDK and IntelliJ IDE. Check whether you are downloading the latest java JDK & IntelliJ IDE. Then open IntelliJ […]