Lets Start Working with FPGA [Part 3]: How JTAG state machine works?

Hello fellows! so far we have talk about basics about the JTAG. So I was thinking about explain how the JTAG state machine works will be more helpful for those who new to FPGA. So, before we talk about the state machine, lets see what is the state machine? So, this is the state machine […]

Lets Start Working with FPGA [Part 2]: How JTAG works?

Ok, Last time we have talk about what is a JTAG. This time we are going to talk about how JTAG works? Control JTAG from PC Simply we can use a “JTAG cable” to control a JTAG bus form a PC, it is just a way to control JTAG signals from PC. Normally, JTAG cables […]

Lets Start Working with FPGA [Part 1]: What is JTAG?

Hello everyone, so today I’m going to talk about JTAG. so, what is a JTAG? Well, JTAG is an IEEE standard (1149.1) developed in the 1980s to solve electronic boards manufacturing issues. But now, it is most often used as programming, debug and probing port. So, this is a figure of industrial PCB(printed circuit boards). […]

Autoupgrade Fedora with rpm-ostree

We can upgrade fedora with rpm-ostree using the command `rpm-ostree upgrade`. Also we can do the same with a shell script. For upgrading I have made a shell script (autoupdate.sh) as shown in this link. Accrding to the script first I check the network connection and then if the network connection is found, it starts […]

Editing Ostree source code

After we checking in how to upgrade/ rollback the upgrades, now lets see how to get the source code of ostree or rpm-ostree and how to edit it. you can view the source codes of Ostree or rpm-ostree form following links; Ostree source code is at; https://github.com/ostreedev/ostree rpm-ostree source coad is at; https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree To edit […]

Upgrade/Rollback Fedora using rpm-ostree

rpm-ostree is a hybrid image/package system. It uses OSTree as an image format, and uses RPM as a component model. Features of rpm-ostree: Atomic upgrades and rollback for host system updates A server side tool to consume RPMs and commit them to an OSTree repository A system daemon to consume ostree commits as updates   […]

GSOC 2016: Automatic Atomic Host Updates : Fedora Project

I have selected for the Google summer of code 2016, with the Fedora project of Automatic Atomic Host Updates. You can see the project proposal and project status in this page. ***Please note that all of the content on this post was originally published on champlnx.blogspot.com. We have migrated these posts to www.champlnx.com for your […]