Autoupgrade Fedora with rpm-ostree

We can upgrade fedora with rpm-ostree using the command `rpm-ostree upgrade`. Also we can do the same with a shell script. For upgrading I have made a shell script ( as shown in this link. Accrding to the script first I check the network connection and then if the network connection is found, it starts […]

Editing Ostree source code

After we checking in how to upgrade/ rollback the upgrades, now lets see how to get the source code of ostree or rpm-ostree and how to edit it. you can view the source codes of Ostree or rpm-ostree form following links; Ostree source code is at; rpm-ostree source coad is at; To edit […]

Upgrade/Rollback Fedora using rpm-ostree

rpm-ostree is a hybrid image/package system. It uses OSTree as an image format, and uses RPM as a component model. Features of rpm-ostree: Atomic upgrades and rollback for host system updates A server side tool to consume RPMs and commit them to an OSTree repository A system daemon to consume ostree commits as updates   […]