I think you all know that IntelliJ is an intelligent IDE for Java development. So today I will show you how to run a simple hello world program with intelliJ.

First you need to install Java JDK and IntelliJ IDE. Check whether you are downloading the latest java JDK & IntelliJ IDE.

Then open IntelliJ IDE. First you may see IntelliJ welcome window as follow: Select create New Project, to create our first project.

Now you may get a window as follow, select Java & click Next.

You will see the project description window asking for use templates, just click next. we don’t add templates fro now.
Now set the project name & location and click finish button.

Now you will get a window as follow. This is your project area. First you have to select the project SDK, which is JAVA JDK. So go to project structure (if not open by default, goto File -> Project Structure) and click Project and select project SDK from the dropdown menu and click OK. We do not need to set the Modules for our first java project.

Now we have to create a source files. For that go to project pallet and navigate to src folder, where we going to keep our source. Right click it, and click on New -> Java Class. The you will see as follow, just give a name for the java file and create it.

Now code your first program. I have just create a hello world program for now as follow.

You can see a Green arrow head on public class hello{ line and the public static void main(String[] args)  line. You can just simply click this arrow to run or debug you program. You will see on the bottom bar while it compiling the code, and a terminal will open on button half and show the program outputs or the debug window. I just run the program. So I see the program output as follow.

Now I add a debug point on line 4 by clicking the space near to line 4. When I click that point, it become a red round icon on that place and that line was highlighted. Now I re run the code in debug mode and I can see the debug window as follow. So now I can run the code line by line using the steps buttons.

I guess you got a simple idea about how to use IntelliJ IDE for java programming, and debugging. Happy coding fellows!

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