rpm-ostree is a hybrid image/package system. It uses OSTree as an image format, and uses RPM as a component model.

Features of rpm-ostree:


To upgrade/Rollback the system you need to run following commands as superuser (root / sudo). To be the superuser you can use following command and enter superuser password,


How to check status?
Before upgrading or rollback your system it is better to know your current system vision. To check the system vision, and downloaded upgrades, you can use the following command as superuser.

rpm-ostree status

rpm status

How to upgrade?
rpm-ostree is a service as yum or apt-get. Therefore first you have to install rpm-ostree to the fedora distribution. Yet this was not tested. I have done it once and it worked fine.

After become the superuser, you can enter the following command and upgrade your system.

rpm-ostree upgrade

upgrading code
Then your system will download the updates form the rpm-ostree.

After the upgrading is done, you will need to reboot the system. to reboot you can use the following command,

systemctl reboot

System reboot
After rebooting the system, you can now use the upgraded os.


How to rollback?
To rollback the system, you need to run the following command as superuser,

rpm-ostree rollback

Screenshot from 2016-06-06 16-49-12
After rollback is done, you have to reboot the system.

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